Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Room

There are certain things meant to happen. M did not have a control over the situation, and unlike other such moments, felt happy that he didn't have any other option. A large group was going to 'assemble' in the room, thats what he thought only to realize later that the group had intentions to leave behind some wonderful memories for M, and hence had to get the room in order. He looked around carefully and could spot a room much cleaner than that of T but no where close to the immaculate cleanliness of SS' room. He felt proud. He had one more reason to mock T and see her frown and slowly get into the ignore mode. The ignore mode for T was one way to keep her calm and not allow anyone get to her nerves. It allowed her to take certain antics in her stride with a sportive touch to it. M called SS and ended up with a usual response - call not answered! M wonders what use the mobile phone is to SS when he makes it a point to miss out atleast 50% of calls made to his number. It's very easy to get M into a rage. He doesn't appreciate neglection, leave alone even if it's a small matter of a missed call. There is a theory that SS is aware of this aspect of M's personality and hence chooses to 'miss' calls to have his own portion of fun.

M called upon BB and within no time the two of them were hurling the choicest of abuses at SS. It was a favourite pastime of BB and to an extent even of M. Luckily the English language was spared by BB and the national language pushed to its limits by M. BB claimed that he would come over in 5 minutes. M hung up on the call, and got back to examining the room, as if he was going to change the layout/ ambience. He soon realized that he better send a quick message on the group and check if everyone was in sync with the meeting time in
IST. He pinged on the group, and got back to examining the room. After 10 minutes of that massive effort, some dirty clothes found its destined location in one corner of the room - the bin. 3246 was called upon to deliver some necessary amenities to conduct the meeting smoothly, and by then BB had arrived with his own contribution to the meeting.

M's mobile rang, and it was SS - returning the missed call and before he could provide any explanation, had paved way for the floodgates to open off BB's mouth. K arrived with that 'cute' smile (as described by K and M).

to be reveal the identity of K, K and M among others)


B for Bihag said...

This couls become a good story of 1. someones. A detailed guide of what not to do at IIMs. But as is the habit of M, he will bring in more originality then yours truly.

Eitherway, SS deserves all the abuses given to him, and then some more. The moment when he returned the call was the Golden moment of your life. SS has no intention of doing such favours again.

kavity said...

Waiting for more on "The Room".. and wondering how T's room is doing these days :P

Shrutz said...

It's so not obvious :P

Vinay said...

K wonly.. cute smile n all.. too much.. of course to abuse SS,u need more than a few languages and boyo i shdn be commenting on any article that takes of cleaning rooms n all