Sunday, December 7, 2008

An ode to the people who matter...

Hope that the next day sunshine is going to gleam in your eyes,
Hope that your dog is going to play with you in the evening after work,
Hope that your next meal is going to be fulfilling,
Hope that you say your hellos to your neighbour, the same way you do it to an acquaintance over chat, living miles away,
Hope that you lie down and don’t repent your actions for the day,
Hope that someone is proud to know you,
Hope that someone feels a little unlucky and yearns to know you well,
Hope that the twinkle in your eye will never ever lose its charm and effect on me,
Hope that someone will shed a tear or two by my deathbed,
Hope my lady is all I have, rather all that each one of us has,
Hope...Continue on that path, there is always light at the end of the tunnel; never ever worry about its length,
Hope that the length will never to be too long to provoke loss of hope.


purplishFLOYD said...

Nice.. Never knew u wrote a blog.. Keep em coming [:)]

AJ said...

I hope.. that u get a lady soon and settle down :)

chinky said...

awesome..really touching :)

- Sonal

nelatur said...

Dei manja what is this..ur writing blogs and all..but then u were always a poet and a writer..I still remember the first poem u wrote in 1st PUC class..I still have it with me and so here it goes..

Standing up tall from the ground
Has her petals in a complete round
Presenting a lovely picture to the eyes
Is her ability to aim the skies
Drop no words into his syrupy silence
There itself can prove as words for Silence

--P Manoj Kumar

What ever that means is beyond a low life like me but u keep em going Mr Keats....


Slave Of the Dark said...

@ Ani - thanks dude...n yeah very rare at it...hope to get more proactive with my i have warned u...dont complain :)

@ Jalan - like ur thought, hope it comes true...hehe

@ Sonal - thanks a lot. nice to know you liked it.

@ Jango - am amazed tht piece of paper is with u even after 10 yrs...bows...and yeah somehow i feel u didnt type the last 2 lines rt...if my memory serves me rt, it shd read like this

Drop no words into this syrupy silence
That itself can prove as words for Silence!

B for Bihag said...

Hope I get more footage
Hope Girls like this crap
Hope I actually had a life
Hope I was in a city with actual food joints
Hope my hotel served some non-veg food
Hope this city had half a Mumtaz rather than whole of Taj Mahal


kavity said...

Manage! Poet and all! Good stuff :)
By the way what is this cryptic stuff you seem to have written around 10 years back. I frankly did not understand much, or rather, most of it :D

raju said...

ahhh...i know where i should come for my weekly melancholy dose...

Slave Of the Dark said...

@ bihag - all ur wishes (hopes) are gonna come true in a matter of few chill maadi :P

@ kavity - dont blame u for finding it cryptic, i have the reference and hence the luxury of what it signifies/ supposed to's somethin like the post on the room...except for the characters themselves, others wont follow :)

@ tyag - :) dont be so sure abt the genre of writing to repeat week on week, even i cant take that dose :)

Raj said...

Good Job!!!!!The poem was beautiful.....however since I have the liberty to critcise your work....I guess you could have avoided the repetition of Hope....the poem resonates your thoughts with every sentence....indulge in more poetry....

Slave Of the Dark said...

@ padma - yeah i dont need to reassure or confirm on the rights u the post without 'hope' in each sentence, u hav a valid point :)