Monday, January 19, 2009

No need to bother...

I don’t know about all desk jobs, wouldn’t want to make a generalized comment. From my little experience, with PwC and now as part of marketing stint in Marico, I have come to realize that google is best thing that could have occurred to one. The manner in which an astounding innovation comes to light in a matter of five minutes of time spent with the monitor gazing and movement of the mouse, is really cool and presents you with a solution that gives one the confidence to go ahead with a mid term review with the category head. Prior to those five minutes, I was stuck, cornered with no ideas/ creative insights keeping me rooted to the spot, and in fact I was in that position over the weekend though I didn’t actively attempt to arrive at a breakthrough. In the course of the day, I came across one of my emails, which put me in the same situation, though it wasn’t meant to. I didn’t know how to react, whether to react, and post some reactions how to make my point, if at all I had one. How I wish I had google help me get me out of that spot as well. Alas, it doesn’t customize solutions the way I want it. My google equivalent is memories from the days gone by, that let me relive those really wonderful moments and keep me assured that there is no need to react. It doesn’t mean I am maintaining/ forced to maintain a (dignified, yeah right) silence, it is just that I don’t feel threatened or disturbed by the email. It only reminds me how comfortable and assured each one of us is in each other’s company that we don’t worry about image/ what bitter taste is left behind – because honest expressions are never bitter.
Who art thou to fight back,
When there is no war.
Who art thou to pass a remark,
When there is no need of a defence.
Who art thou to worry about an image,
When there is an open slate out there.
Who art thou to feel instigated,
When there was no attempt of intimidation.
Who art thou to express your feelings,
When there is no one out there who doesn’t know you.


Vinay said...

Hope you have heard of tabula rasa.. Its nothing but a funda put forth that basically says that all human being are born as a blank slate..

So who are thou to attempt to educate us,
When we are born nothing but a la tabula rasa

Vinay said...

Of course i claim Floyd as the divine inspiration behind this..:P

Slave Of the Dark said...

:P at ur admission, guess u cudnt keep it to urself...n abt the tabula rasa funda, yeah ur born tht way...the challenge is to remain tht way...n i guess ur givin too much respect by callin the blog an education n all :P

Vinay said...

Err adangu.. I was never telling that ur blog was educating.. I merely added a coupla lines to urs.. Banish the very idea abt blog n education esp a blog tht i read

raju said...

dude...i think google is making dumber by the day...we are slowly becoming its slaves...and soon, google will be telling us everything from what to eat to who to marry....scary!!

kavity said...

I understood it now, more clearly than before :)

Shreya said...

I love Google. I think it makes me much smarter. No one person has the capacity to satisfy my curiosity as well as Google :D
Do you really think people can ever be that comfortable or know each other so well, that there be no need of any communication, any reassurances, anything?

Raj said...

Looks like you are getting 'Googled', the term the geeks use to express adulation for Google........

Slave Of the Dark said...

@ vinay - edho oru nappasa than...anyways ur two lines take the cherry :P

@ tragedy - i dont mind the bit abt whom to marry, as i have said google shd get me out of a spot, not put me into one...for life :)

@ kavity - expected u to hav caught the reference rt away, better late than never

@ S - someone is gonna hav a tough time to muscle down google, good luck to Mr. Anonymous :P...well such relationships are very rare for sure, reassurances are part n parcel of most relationships...however it is possible to communicate without havin to reassure...n i know i have been lucky, i have more than a handful of such relationships, touch wood

@ padma - thank u :P

AJ said...

you ought to express yourself.. to yourself, for yourself.. :D