Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lucky getaway...

It has been an awesome last 36 hours so far. Sitting at the Madurai airport, man I love airports at Tier 2 cities - it kind of reminds me about one of my CCS works at IIMB, in which I very bravely concluded that Tier 2 city airports hold the key for the Indian aviation sector. I see a plush new international terminus getting constructed 200 metres away from the current domestic terminus. Knowing very well that one blink doesnt necessary indicate a person's interest in another, I still feel vindicated. :) The last 36 hours was punctuated with a beautiful marriage ceremony in one of the remotest possible places I have ever travelled to. The relative reference is with respect to the civilization around the place. However the lack of civilization around is made up by the small group of people who do live in this town, content with whatever they have got. (According to most of us, they havent got much in terms of getaway options, no entertainment, no metro lifestyle, no movie halls, you get the drift right). You get to experience the true sense of hospitality that is so damn pure in places like Kaaraikudi and Kandramanickam. It kind of reminds me my sales stints in Kolhapur and Agra, those days.

The weekend began with a lovely flight travel from Mumbai to Chennai, lovely given the company I had during those 2.5 hours - that would remain with me until I choose to share sometime later on. It was followed by a wonderful road trip -450 kms long, cursing the roads, and Muthu for choosing to have the wedding in Kandramanickam instead of Chennai, however at the end of the day I am glad I was part of the road trip. Road travel, especially by the country side allows me to unwind in my own way, without any thoughts about city life whatsoever. It allows me to sing, I know how bad I am at it, and I dont need any of you to remind me of the same - still its such a good feeling revisiting some of those classics, especially when you encounter them totally uninformed. The music, the scenery and the whole concept of moving places gives me one good high - I just hope that such getaways are always going to be part of my life for ages to come.

Not knowing what to expect, and always preparing oneself mentally for the worst, it was such a pleasant surprise to find a room spacious, air-conditioned and boasting of a TV that allowed us to watch some portions of the India - SriLanka match live, I did surf channels hoping to catch a quick glimpse of EPL action but I had stretched my optimism too far. Back to watching cricket and enjoying the fact that India was doing well, it put us in the right mood to get ready for the feast at Muthu's ancestral home. Though the ride wasnt anything special to write about, the whole evening at his place reinforced one judgement I have always had about Muthu - he is so damn humble. Without going into the specifics, I choose to keep it the same way that he has kept it so far, man I was speechless for quite a long time. The whole evening, I hope, would be a memorable one for Muthu, given that was the last evening he spent as a bachelor with all the freedom that comes with being one, I am sure you get what I mean. :) The ceremony in the morning was such a cute affair. I loved it.

I am in such a good mood after a long time, I know very well that I am lucky that this is just half the fun. The Bengali hospitality and festivity awaits, along with chance to catch up with some people who have played very crucial roles in my last 2.5 years. I am off now, people queing up to another flight have already got a peek preview of this blog, I cant take it anymore. Catch you guys soon.


Shrutz said...

I wannnntttt to seeeee the weeedddddiiiinng (sob)

kavity said...

Now, I am just hoping you would not have time enough to write about the Calcutta wedding before I do :P
And, for once, this was not at all cryptic! I could understand the whole thing at first go :D the reason being a larger dose of fact than 'Manage' philosophy