Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beautiful Thing...

First sound of a newborn,
Sound of waves on a moonlit night,
Sight of water after hours in a desert,
Crackling sound of Sachin's bat on ball when in full swing,
Roar of fans when the home team scores a goal,
First drops of rain,
Sweet smell of sand during rainfall,
Tears to celebrate the end of war,
Chants to bring in the bride home,
First kiss in a courtship,
A ride by the countryside,
Food prepared by mom,
A pregnant woman,

- Beautiful things!

1 comment:

Kavity said...

Sound of waves in moonlight, first kiss in a courtship, food prepared by mom-my all time favorites too. Btw, too much frequency suddenly! Two in a day.. Looks like you have comfortably achieved this month's target:-P Keep the momentum going always:)