Friday, July 23, 2010

It's all about Energy!

It is amazing how one encounters some of the best philosophies in the least expected settings. In the madness of a cover review, a phenomenon I am already used to though its just the 4th such experience in my short 2 year career, you never expect your Head of Sales give away 'funda' in a 'non-gyaan' manner. The setting was over a drink - both of us had our respective drinks a little differently. I prefer to have mine 'Neat' - Always! Over our discussion which spanned topics, he touched upon the aspect of Life. I know it sounds heavy - before I could drift away, he had me all attentive. His simple statement was - Life is all about balancing/ managing 4 forms of energy.
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

Take care of your physical energy by eating right, exercising right and sleeping right. Conserve your mental energy by ensuring you pay attention only on the person talking to you, instead of multi-tasking in your mind and worrying about the deadline at work or your date in the evening. Spend enough time with family and friends, they are your recharge points. The last one is the best part - Give back whatever you can to people around you, it will definitely make you feel better and more importantly will make a difference to the person's life lot more than you think.

He said all of this in a matter of 2 mins and then excused himself to refill his glass. I stood there with mine completely filled - glass and mind.

PS: The kudos for this simple thought must go to him, just in case you find it not upto the mark - blame me for not being able to convey it in the best possible manner.

PPS: I know, a post after a long gap. As always I hope I will be more regular!

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Raj said...

Ok I told how I felt reading it.....sometimes positive 'Gyaan' comes from least expected places and many a times from least expected sources.

Wonder whats in hic hic (liquor) that tends to drive people to two extremes....either they become wild or wise.........